What To Do For Symptoms From Dog Food Allergies

ogs, just like humans, can have allergies. In fact, about 10% of all of the dogs seen for allergies are seen due to food allergies. Changing up the dog food for allergies is simple; however, your faithful pooch may not like it so much. So the itching and scratching that they might be doing may not be due to fleas, but due to allergies.

It is not fully understood how a dog becomes allergic to a particular food, or ingredient to be more specific. Thankfully, we can recognize allergy symptoms which are similar to those found in humans and that they are treatable. Both the male and female dogs can be affected, and those between 5 months to 12 years can have allergies; although it tends to be more between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. russian food store

Symptoms – Allergies are allergies so the symptoms for pollen will probably be very similar to that to food. Itchy skin that is located on the face, ears, armpits, forelegs and feet as well as the anus can be affected. Symptoms can also include hair loss, ear and/or skin infections and hot spots. All of these symptoms will respond to a treatment of antibiotics but can occur once the treatment has been completed. Another common symptom that you may notice is an increase of bowel movements.

Food Trial – Is changing dog food for allergies a good thing to do? If you believe that the allergy symptoms are due to their food, then yes changing the food they eat should be done. What you want to do is put their current food on the back burner and provide a completely different food for a minimum of twelve weeks. We have been told not to change the food so quickly, but it must be done for your pet’s sake.

Choose a new food that is high in protein and good carbohydrates; try to choose food that contains rabbit and venison as these are rarely used for protein in the more “popular” foods. Potatoes are great for the carbohydrates. In addition to changing the food, it is extremely important not to give any other food or treats to your dog. Bottom line, all they can have is water and the new food. I know this sounds mean, but it must be done to determine if changing dog food for allergies will work. Once the twelve weeks has lapsed, put your dog back on their “regular” food, and if the symptoms come back then you know that they are allergic to it.

If your dog is allergic, is there a type of dog food for allergies available that is nutritious? There are several brands on the market for allergies but the best type of food you can provide is that which is homemade. Offering homemade not only puts you in control of what they eat but you can control the portions of certain foods. Homemade doesn’t mean off your dinner plate, but fresh meats, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables that you would give your own family. Homemade food is the best dog food for allergies.